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A good guy. A bad idea. A roll in the hay that never should have happened.

Hunter Haley may be the fairly new guy on the block, but it doesn't take long for the women of this small, Texas town to unofficially name him the official most eligible and sought-after bachelor they all want a crack at. Having just been divorced from the mother of his two girls, and a failed attempt at sparking up an old flame when he first got back to town, he's just not ready to jump into something new, if nothing else, for the sake of the two little angelic faces who insist he never marry another woman as long as they live. Thankfully, his trusty side-kick assistant, Kelli-Anne, is just snarky and feisty enough to keep the leeches at bay. 

Then, Annie, as everyone else knows her by, has a favor of her own to call in, and Hunter is too much of a nice guy to leave a damsel in distress. 

They embark on a fake relationship journey to Tennessee where they will spend Thanksgiving and attend Annie's brother's wedding to her BFF. They know it's just for show, playing their parts with gusto, but the lines keep getting blurred until neither of them can see what's fake and what's real anymore. 

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