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Working Title (In Progress)

In February 2014, I got an idea for a fiction book and began writing the first few chapters.  I had a plot line, main characters, supporting characters, and a bunch of notes for specific things I had in mind for directions I wanted the story to go.

Nearly two years later, on a week-long vacation from work between Christmas and New Year’s, I remembered that story I had started a couple of years ago and found the file on my laptop.  I read what I had already written and picked up where I had left off.  Next thing I knew, I went from about two and a half chapters to 10 (and counting)!

The Story:

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” -origin unknown

Marzia “Zia” Benagli is a psychology student at a university who shares an apartment with her BFF, Clara.  One night out with Clara, Zia had stepped away while Clara chatted up a hot new guy and was people-watching when she happened to notice Dylan Porter, obviously a typical playboy with girls lining up to talk to him.  The following Monday at school, Zia happened upon a lost History book just in time for its owner, none other than Dylan Porter, to find where he had left it.  That night while studying at a coffee shop, Dylan came in and invited himself to sit with Zia to study and talk.  Dylan revealed that while he could admittedly get any girl he wanted, they all seemed to be the same.  He was ready for something different.  Zia and Dylan struck up a deal.  Zia would use her psychology background to help Dylan find “Ms. Right” instead of “Ms. Right Now.”  She would get the practice on human behavior, and he would get a more fulfilling dating life.  It’s win/win, right?

Zia and Dylan would go out to various venues around the city while Zia teaches Dylan what to look for in a girl and why.  Of course, this would take getting to know him better to do this right.  Will Zia be successful at helping Dylan find the right girl, or will things end in disaster for everyone?

Now What?

My book is still a work in progress (I don’t even have a title yet!), but my goal is to have it finished by the end of February 2016.  I am currently at just over 19,000 words and I still have at least 2 more chapters to complete before I begin making the final edits.  Lengthwise, this places it in the “Novella” category.

I plan to self-publish this book, so I will be looking for people to read it for free in exchange for honest reviews.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping me out by doing this!

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