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Sneak Peek – Chapter 1 of Tragedy and Desire, Book 2

WARNING: This post contains adult content and is intended for adult audiences only.  If you are under the legal age, please do not continue further.

For your reading pleasure, here is a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of the sequel to Tragedy and Desire.  (NOTE: This is an unedited, pre-published version and may contain typos and/or grammatical errors.)




“Perly-girly!  Have you seen my blue heels?”  Jada yelled, her muffled voice carrying from the bottom of her closet where she searched on all fours for the elusive shoes.

“No, check under your bed,” Perla called back from her own room where she lay reading a book on her bed.

Jada abandoned the mess in her closet to check under her bed as her sister suggested.  “Found them!” Jada exclaimed.

Perla could hear the rapid footsteps of Jada’s bare feet across the twelfth story apartment floor, to the restroom where she put the finishing touches on her appearance for the evening.  Perla walked across the hall and leaned on the doorframe of Jada’s bedroom and watched her little sister getting ready for what appeared to be a hot night out, judging from the little black dress hugging her curves.

“Date with Ezra tonight, I take it?” Perla said more than asked as she moved her way across the room to help Jada clasp a necklace.

Perla’s mind flashed back to a photograph she used to have of Jada, Uncle Dante, and herself from a charity event a couple years back.  In the photo, Perla wore a necklace given to her by their mother prior to their parents’ death.  The necklace and the photo had once held sentimental value, but now they brought up images of a much darker memory that intruded on Perla’s thoughts.

Jada’s answer to the question pulled her mind back into the present.  “Yes, I’ve been hinting to him that I’ve wanted to go dancing for weeks now.  I guess he finally decided to take me when I threatened to go with someone else.”  Jada turned around and smoothed her hands down her sides.  “How do I look?”

“You look beautiful, Jada-Lou.”  Perla smiled.

“Where is Jax tonight?” Jada asked as she grabbed a clutch.

Perla followed her out of the room.  “He’s been in Boston this week for some big business deal.  He’s supposed to get in sometime late tonight,” Perla explained as she walked Jada to the door.

Jada stopped just outside their apartment and turned around.  “Are you going to be okay here by yourself?” she asked, her forehead crinkling with concern.

Perla waved a dismissive hand.  “I’ll be fine.  I’m going to see Victoria here in a while.  She said she wanted my help on something, so I figured I’d go spend the evening with her to pass the time.  Tell Ezra hello for me, and have fun tonight.”  Perla gave her sister a gentle nudge to get going.

Jada chuckled as she started making her way toward the elevator.  “I will.  And send Victoria my best,” she called, just before she disappeared behind the closing elevator doors.

Once Jada was out of sight, Perla slipped on a pair of flats, grabbed her overnight bag, and headed down to the lobby.  Victoria’s driver would be there shortly to collect her, and being alone in the apartment had been giving her anxiety, so she decided to keep the night clerk, Alex, company while she waited for her ride to arrive.

She looked forward to the time she spent with Jax’s mother, especially since her own mother was no longer around.  She really missed the closeness and the bond she had with her mom.  With Victoria’s nurturing personality, it had been an effortless relationship from the start, and Perla was grateful, especially on nights like this when Jax was out of town, Jada was out with Ezra, and Uncle Dante was undoubtedly on some business trip as well.

When she saw the headlights of the familiar, black SUV, she waved goodbye to Alex and darted outside, letting herself into the back seat before the driver could get out and walk around to let her in.

“Hey, Albert.  Thanks for the ride,” she said as she climbed in, closing and locking the door quickly behind her.  She peered out the window, scanning the sidewalk before Albert pulled out into the street to drive away.

“Evening, Miss Perla,” he replied, tipping his imaginary hat to her in the rearview mirror when she glanced his way.

It was a quiet ride to Victoria’s estate as Perla rode in silence.  Her nerves had been on edge over the past several days that Jax had been traveling, and really for the past several months if she was honest.

She checked her phone to see if she had missed any calls or messages from Jax.  Disappointment stirred in the back of her mind as the houses, trees, and cars passed by in her peripheral vision.  He must be busy, she thought, trying to keep her inner demons at bay.

When the driver pulled into the circle drive just outside the massive front door entrance to Victoria’s home, Perla got out and was greeted by the welcoming arms of Mrs. Maddox who had come out to meet her.

“Perla, come in, dear.  It’s so good to see you.  Are you hungry?  I’ve just pulled a casserole out of the oven, and it’s waiting in the kitchen,” Victoria said in her sweet, motherly voice.

Victoria was a beautiful, middle aged woman, probably the same age Perla’s own mother would have been.  Jax had indicated previously that his mother was quite a bit younger than his father, who was in his eighties now, and stayed in one of their beach homes instead of here with his wife.  Perla thought it was an unusual situation, but she didn’t pry.

She followed Victoria into the kitchen and sat at the table while Victoria put some casserole on plates before joining her.  Even though Victoria and the Maddox family were insanely rich, Perla thought it was telling of Victoria’s character that she still maintained her own home instead of having cooks, butlers, and such, to wait on her hand and foot all the time.

“So, what did you need my help with?” Perla asked between bites.

“I’m glad you asked.  I’m working on planning a gala, and I hoped I could get your input on a few things that need to be decided before I can go any further,” Victoria answered.

“A gala?  What’s the occasion?”

“It’s Jax’s birthday,” Victoria answered with a wide grin that lit up her eyes.

“His birthday?  Oh my gosh, how did I not know?” Perla could feel the heat rush to her face, embarrassed that she hadn’t known when her own boyfriend’s birthday was.  Why hadn’t he ever told her?  That was one of the most basic things people learned about each other, wasn’t it?

“Don’t feel bad, dear.  Jax tries not to make a big deal about these things, but I’m his mother.  It’s my job to make a big deal about his birthday,” she said, setting her fork down and dabbing her cloth napkin at her mouth.

Perla tried to push aside her embarrassment and they dove into brainstorming details for the party, which kept them busy for several hours.

Later that evening, Perla turned in to get some sleep in one of the guest bedrooms after Victoria had gone to bed.  A desk lamp remained lit on the writing desk across the large room, and Perla had dozed off for about an hour when Jax snuck in without a sound.

He watched her chest rise and fall in slow rhythm as she dreamed peacefully, here in his childhood home.  A sense of warmth and calm tenderness came over him.  He slipped out of his shoes and climbed into the bed beside her, pulling her close to him.

Perla sensed the familiar feel of him and drew in his scent that sent butterflies competing for space in her stomach.  She nuzzled into him, and his arms cradled around her.

“I missed you,” he whispered into her ear, sending chills through her.

“You’re back,” she said, groggily, pulling back just far enough to see his face and revealing her own smile.

He pushed the strands back from her face and let his fingers linger in her hair as he pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss.

“I missed you, too,” she mumbled against his mouth.  She clung to him, wrapping her arms and legs tight around him in the warmth and safety of his embrace, arousing his desire.

“So I see,” he chuckled.  “What do you say we go back to my place?”

His hands slid seductively down her back, following the dips and curves until he reached the supple mound of her butt, cupping both cheeks and giving them a playful squeeze.  Still gripping her, he tugged her hips into his, and she could feel his hardened length pressing into her, sparking her need deep inside her belly.

“Yes, please,” she breathed.  She gave her hips a wiggle, teasing him.

He groaned with pleasure, then growled at the thought of hitting the pause button on what they were just getting started, but forcing himself to pry himself from her, all the same.  As much as he wanted to please his woman, he didn’t want her screaming out in pleasure with his mother sleeping right above them on the next floor up.

And if he had his way, she would definitely be screaming out in pleasure.  It had been too many days since he’d seen her, and he had some catching up to do.

He stood and helped Perla off the bed.  When she finished gathering her things into her overnight bag, he took it to carry for her out to the car.  Perla stopped to leave a note for Victoria, letting her know she was leaving with Jax and wouldn’t be here when Victoria woke the next morning.  Then, they made their way out to the Escalade that Holden, Jax’s Head of Security and most trusted confidante, was sitting in, waiting to drive them home.

It was late, and the darkness that shrouded them on the drive to Jax’s place gave way to some pre-game action there in the back seat.  She sat in his lap, wanting to be closer to him, with her head resting in the crook of his neck.

He could feel her soft breath against his skin, and it sent all the blood rushing to his cock, which Perla could feel stirring beneath her legs.  This, in turn, sent the blood flowing to her own nether regions.

Jax began a casual conversation, but his nonverbal communication was anything but casual.  The chatter was for Holden’s benefit in the driver’s seat, masking any hint that anything unusual or risqué was going on in the back.

“Did you have a good week?” Jax asked as he slipped a hand beneath Perla’s shirt, splaying his fingers across the flat muscles of her stomach.  He rubbed downward, dipping below the elastic waist band of her pajama pants.  Her breath hitched as he came dangerously close to the spot that ached for his touch.  He paused, waiting for her to reply.

“Umm,” she began with a shaky voice.  Get it together, she thought, as she willed her response to come out with nonchalance.  “It was okay.”  There, that was better.

Jax’s fingers resumed their motion across her skin, sending a thrill through her entire body.  He found the line of the top of her panties and let his hand lightly stroke over them, caressing her mound, and then circling back up to the skin above her panty line.

“Just okay?  How was work?” he asked.

She wondered how he could sound so unaffected while she squirmed beneath his masterful touch, craving the pleasure she knew he could give.

“Work was…” she began when he stroked her pleasure spot.  “Good,” she squeaked.  His hand stopped – a punishment for risking their indiscretion.

She paused for a moment, waiting for any indication that Holden had taken notice of their private, exhibitionist party.  When it seemed like they were in the clear, she warred with herself about what she wanted more, to not get caught being naughty, or figuring out how to get Jax to resume his deliciously dirty foreplay.

The foreplay won out, and she quickly recovered with a question of her own.  “How was Boston?”

She could see the look of understanding and approval as the passing headlights briefly lit his face.

“Boston was lucrative,” he began, as his fingers found the sensitive spot again and began a soft tapping against her hot button that quickly had pleasure building to a fever pitch within her.  “The meetings themselves were a bore, as usual, but overall, the trip was very productive.”

Perla was soaring, higher and higher, as Jax continued his secret ministrations while carrying on the mundane conversation.  Just when she was aching for release, the tapping stopped.


She needed more.

“Did you try any good restaurants while you were there?” she asked, making a concerted effort to hide her labored breathing.  It did the trick, and his expert fingers returned to that magical region, circling it with the slightest of pressure.

“I mostly ordered room service, but a couple of the meetings ran into dinner time, so we followed the meetings with some food and drinks.  What was the name of that one restaurant?”

He paused for a moment, pretending to think of the restaurant’s name.  He switched from the tender circles to pressing his thumb onto her clit and gently rubbing his middle finger up and down her slick folds.

Perla wanted to moan her sounds of pleasure so badly; it was all she could do to contain them as she soaked in the insanely hot sensations that rocked her body.

“Oh, yes.  It was The Palm.”  And at once, his thumb lifted and his finger stilled, leaving her wanting, hovering so close to the edge, desperate to be pushed over it.

“The Palm?  What kind of food do they serve there?” she said in haste, not even caring about the answer at that point.  She just had to get his fingers moving again.

“Steak and seafood, mostly, though the wine selection was the star of the menu.”

He started talking about whatever impressive wines they had and a couple he tried there.  His finger parted her lower lips and began circling her hole, igniting a whole new level of yearning and pleasure in her.  She had a strong urge to wriggle her hips to help his finger along inside, but thought better of it.  His finger pushed inside her, and then a second one.

She was unable to contain a gasp and quickly bit her lower lip to quell any further sounds from escaping her.  If he stopped now, she thought she would straddle him and ride him silly while Holden watched, if that’s what it took.  She silently begged him not to let it come to that.

When he started talking about some appetizers and a special dish one of the other gentlemen ordered that wasn’t on the menu, he began stroking her inner walls, sending her so damn close to coming, she could nearly taste it.  She longed for his kiss, but couldn’t risk the break in conversation that would undoubtedly tip Holden off to what was going on just a few feet behind him.

Then his thumb pressed hard onto her clit, and she had to turn her head and bite down on his shoulder to keep from moaning a string of incoherent words aloud.  He could feel her inner walls pulsing and convulsing around his fingers, and his cock got so hard it was almost painful.  Then, her hips began lightly thrusting against his hand.  He pressed into her with a bit more pressure, and another wave of delicious orgasm exploded through her.

Holden turned into the drive of Jax’s estate, none the wiser, as Perla continued to ride the waves of the aftershocks that zinged through her body as Jax’s fingers remained inside her, flexing apart to milk her pleasure for all it was worth.

“At any rate, it’s great to be home.  I’m exhausted, and from the looks of it, you’re pretty tired yourself.  What do you say we get you into bed?” he said – a secret innuendo that was not lost on her.  Then he finally removed his fingers from her and his hand out of her pajama pants.

“Mm-hmm,” was all she could manage to get out.

When they parked inside the four-car garage, Jax thanked Holden and grabbed Perla’s overnight bag.  Together, he and Perla hurried up to his bedroom where he laid her on his bed, relieving her of her comfy pajamas, and continued where they left off in the car.

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