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Pick my Romance #Readathon TBR!

Is it just me, or is there something really exciting about building a TBR list for the month? Maybe that’s the control freak inside me who likes to plan out details. Yes, I’m one who makes plans to make plans. It’s a thing.

The importance of already starting my February TBR list, though, is because of the upcoming Romance #Readathon hosted by starting on Feb 1.

But I Need Some Help!

So today, @rbdotblog released the first peek at the BINGO card for the Readathon, the sort of guide on what to read. There are prizes involved if you can get a BINGO during the month of February, but for me, this is just going to be for the fun of it because I think I’d like to jump around and just read the tropes I’m really interested in. Ok, maybe like the top 5 or 6. I’m a fairly slow reader, and we only have a month.

The tropes I would really like to read from this list are:

  1. A book set in Paris

  2. Angsty Romance (going to read an ARC of Art of Sin by L.M. Halloran)

  3. An Audiobook (Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely)

  4. A Hero with an Accent

  5. Alpha Billionaire Hero (Deal With the Devil by Meghan March)

  6. A Futuristic Romance

So obviously I have an idea of which books I will read for a few of these, but I need your best recommendations of Romance books with the other 3 tropes:

A book set in Paris | A Hero with an accent | A futuristic romance

Art of Sin

Birthday Suit

Deal With the Devil




Any sub-genre of romance is fair game. <3 Help me out! Pleeeeeeeaaase???

Also, which tropes are you going to read for the readathon? Are you going to go for BINGO, or skip around?

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