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On Sale Now! Big Man Blue (Limited Time Only)

Exciting news!! Now through April 12, Big Man Blue is marked down from $8.99 to $0.99. Grab it while you can!

It’s National Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is something near and dear to my heart for more reasons than one.

Not only am I a social worker in my daytime life, I also took in my nephew when he was not quite 3 years old (he’s now 7!). And since Blue is the color representing this initiative, I thought … what better time to put Big Man Blue on sale?

What did Blue have to say? Nicole: What do you think, Blue? Is it a good idea to mark you all the way down to $0.99? Blue: (Tips his cowboy hat up and gives me a smirk and a shrug.)  That’s pretty cheap, but I can’t think of a better reason to mark me down.  Nicole: Geez, Blue, I wasn’t trying to make you feel cheap.  Blue(Chuckles) I’m a simple man. I’m not easily offended. Nicole(Scoffs) Not easily offended? You just hold a grudge better than anyone I’ve ever met. Blue: Well, we can’t all be perfect.  Nicole: What do you think, Blue? Are kids in your future? (Wink-wink) Blue(Eyes hit the floor and cheeks turn red.) Time will tell. Nicole: A man of many words right here, ladies and gentleman! Blue(Rolls his eyes and pulls his cowboy hat back down.) Enough chit-chat. This farm ain’t gonna work itself, darlin’. Nicole: All right, all right. Chat later! (Watches those wrangler jeans as he struts off with Diesel trailing closely behind.)

Okay, lovelies, you heard it from the horse’s mouth! $0.99 to grab Big Man Blue now through April 12.

$0.99 until April 12, 2019

Emotionally charged with the struggles between love and duty, propriety and attraction, family and first loves. This heartfelt story takes readers to the open skies and rolling plains of rural Texas where much more than the crops and farm animals grow and thrive.

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