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Join the Indie Books GoodReads Group

I’ve been spending a lot of time on GoodReads recently, and one of the most helpful tools I have found as an Indie Author has been the various groups on the site.

What’s Out There

A few of the groups I’ve been following include:

  1. Support for Indie Authors

  2. Beta Reader Group

  3. GoodReads Reviewers’ Group

And several other genre specific groups I’ve found most helpful.  (Give these a follow if you haven’t already!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about these groups lately and what I would like to get from and accomplish by using them, but one thing was really lacking in the groups I joined.  That was… the books.

What’s Missing

Each group has a Bookshelf where group members can add books for others to see, but these groups vastly under-use this option.  The Support for Indie Authors bookshelf (the group most pointedly geared toward Indie books) only has 73 books on it, and only Moderators of the group are able to add more.  Even less helpful, there are no individualized “shelves” to specify different genres, so you can’t easily sort through them to quickly find ones you might be interested in reading.  I’m sure they have their reasons, but since this doesn’t work for me (and possibly others), I had to figure something else out to get access and exposure to Indie Books.

So… with that being said, I decided to work on creating a new GR Group that specifically focuses on Indie Books for readers and writers.

Things you’ll see in the Indie Books GoodReads Group:

  1. The Bookshelf – A place where readers and reviewers can easily find Indie Books to read, with various “shelves” identifying genres, topics, or other helpful info (i.e. on KindleUnlimited).

  2. Kindle Unlimited and Other Sales – A place where authors can post and readers can find sales promotions on books and where to find them.

  3. Beta Reads & ARCs – Here is where authors can post and readers can find Advanced Read Copies of pre-released books for the purpose of getting early book reviews and helpful info on what’s working and what could use some fixing in an Indie Book prior to releasing it to the public.

  4. Indie Reviews – A place for readers to post their reviews on Indie Books.

  5. Author Interviews – A thread to get our most pressing questions answered by some of the most successful Indie Authors.

  6. Authors’ Corner – Geared more toward the writers of the group, this is a place for discussion, book suggestions, or links to articles on any topic related to writing and self-publishing help.

  7. General Discussion – Any discussion that doesn’t fit any of the other threads.

Call To Action

I hope you’ll check out the group, join, and get some conversations started!

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