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Holiday Reading Update (with Vlog)

Hey lovelies!  Here is a video update of how My Holiday Reading List is coming so far.

As I mentioned previously, I have four books on my reading list, and of those books, I have read one so far (Jameson by K.F. Breene), started another (The Gift by Dannika Dark), and finished the preceding book to a third one (Magic Undying by Linsey Hall).

So far, these books did not disappoint.  Jameson, while a lot shorter than the other books in the Darkness Series, still packed that punch that K.F. Breene is so talented with, which is really hot and steamy love scenes.  Because it was so short, I felt like I didn’t really have a chance to get to know the new character, Addison, who hooks up with a returning character, (obviously) Jameson.  But, I did feel like I got to know Jameson a lot better in this novella, which was a pleasant surprise.

I had talked about Linsey Hall’s Demon Magic being on my list this week, but before I can read that one, I had to read its preceding book, Magic Undying, which I had not read yet until now.  Magic Undying is the first book in a new series that begins where a previous series (Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress) leaves off.  While the Huntress series followed another character, Casseiopia “Cass” Clareaux, this new series follows Delphine “Del” Hally.  I will just say that this series of books is seriously one of my new, all-time favorites.  It’s just fantastic.  Del’s series introduces a new character, who is obvious from the get-go to be her new love interest.  I have to admit that, while Roarke Fallon was a pretty hot and bad-ass hero (as far as half-demon/half shifters and the Warden of the freaking Underworld goes), I still liked Aidan Merrick, the Origin shifter and Cass’s love interest in the first series, more.  I’m thinking I’ll get to like Roarke better when I read the next book.  But… did I mention that Merlin, King Author, and Guinevere play somewhat of a role in this book?  That was awesome!  I’m such a nerd.

I just started reading The Gift today, and have only made it through about Chapter 1 so far, but I am so excited to jump in head first to this book.  Full disclosure, I have read the five books in the Mageri Series multiple times, and have listened to the audiobooks on long car trips even more times than that. I love, love, love this series, so getting to see all of these characters again in a fresh, new story is just really exciting for me.  (It’s no coincidence that my dog, Logan, in the beginning of my video above has the same name as one of the main characters in that story.)

I talk about four #urbanfantasy/#PNR book series at Help me decide which series’ first book to do a #giveaway for! — Nicole R. Locker (@nicolerlocker) December 24, 2016

There’s still time to tell me which series you want a Book 1 giveaway for!  I will give it a few more days, and will do a giveaway around New Year’s Eve for Book 1 of the series with the most interest.  So far, The Darkness Series is in the lead!  (Book 1 of that series is already free, so in that case, I would do a giveaway for Book 2.)

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