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Happy Holiday Romance

Have you ever watched Wheel of Fortune with the "Before and After" category? It's like two phrases smushed into one. That's what I mean when I say Happy Holiday Romance. Yes, it's cheesy, but as Barney Stinson would say, "Can you just ... Okay?" :)

Ok, let's get right down to the point here, shall we? It's the Holidays! And despite the fact I just renewed my membership to Weight Watchers so I can lose a few pounds before I gain it all right back on Thanksgiving (am I right??), I'm not quite hangry enough to let this go without sharing.

I've put Holiday Fling on sale from now all the way through January 5! And not just the ebook, the audiobook, too. (Do you like the new covers?)

And don't forget, my Holiday Romance Short Story, Mistletoe and Fire Glow, is FREE year-round. (Also with a new cover!)

So here are those links if you still need them, but most of all, have a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON, and comment below what some of your all-time favorite Holiday Romance books are so I can stock up my Kindle for December.

Holiday Fling | Mistletoe and Fire Glow

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