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Flash Fiction for Romance Writers 8/30/16

It’s been a pleasure doing business.

Clara strolled down the sidewalk past the shops that lined the street parallel to the university.  It was a cool, autumn evening, and the wind was starting to pick up a chill now that the sun was setting behind the campus buildings and trees in the west horizon.

A cold breeze whipped past her, causing a shiver to trail through her body.  I should have brought a jacket, she thought, still wearing the short-sleeved top she had put on earlier that afternoon.  It was just then that she passed a clothing shop with a mannequin in the window wearing a dark-red zip up with three-quarter sleeves.  Feeling like she had hit the jackpot, she popped inside in search of a rack that held the garment in her size.  

From across the shop, she spotted a guy with dark hair, about her age, trying on a jacket of his own with his back to her.  Clara couldn’t help admiring his firm ass in the tight jeans he wore.  No one could ever accuse her of being a prude.  She could tell he was the athletic type, which just happened to be exactly her type.  Well, one of her types, anyway.

Abandoning her own racks, she wandered closer to where the guy stood eyeing another jacket from the one he had just tried on.  She eyed his bulging biceps and the sinewy muscles in his broad back as she inched closer.  She pretended to take interest in a row of shirts near where he was before looking up as he picked up another jacket.

“I think the other one was more your color,” Clara said to him with a flirtatious grin.

He turned to see who had spoken and his brown eyes met her blue.  Recognition sparked between them as she finally caught a glimpse of his face.  

“You think so?” he asked before looking back to grab the first jacket he had already hung back in its place.  

“Definitely,” Clara exclaimed as she walked over to him.  “Jonas,right?  I’m Clara.  Zia’s friend.”

“Yeah, I thought I recognized you from somewhere,” he told her, nodding his head and trying not to be too obvious as his eyes roamed the seductive curves of her body.

“See, this one is a lot more versatile.  You could wear it with just about anything.  But I’d go with a size smaller to show off those nice muscles,” she said as she touched her hand to his right arm.  She winked at him before rummaging through the sizes to grab the right one and pulled it from its hanger.  “Try this one.”

He shrugged one arm into the jacket, then the other, as she held it up to give him easier access.  “What do you think?” he asked, both hands holding out either side just below the collar at his chest.

“Yep, I think it’s perfect.”  She stood and nodded as he modeled for her.

“Thanks for the help.  What are you, some sort of personal shopper or something?” he asked playfully.

Clara giggled and began twisting a strand of her hair.  “I could be, if you’re in the market for one,” she answered.

“I might, actually, from the looks of it.  I would have went with the other choice,” he laughed, shrugging the jacket back off.  

“Clara Kincade, at your service.”  She curtsied and held out her hand for a handshake.

Jonas took her hand in his, but held it for a little longer than necessary.  The touch sent another shiver trailing through her body, but this time she enjoyed it so much more.

“So…” Jonas began, pulling her in a little closer with the hands they were still connected by.  “You want to, maybe, go out sometime?”

Clara’s smile widened.  “I’d love to.”

He let go of her hand and they exchanged numbers before he took his purchase to the counter to pay out.  Clara went back to the rack in the front with the red zip up and pretended to sift through some other racks as she waited for him to pass by her again as he left.

When he strolled back by, he gave her a wave.  “So I’ll talk to you soon,” he promised.

“Sounds good,” she replied.

He turned, and as his hand reached for the door.  “Oh, and Jonas?” she called out to him.

He turned back toward her.  “Yeah?”

“It’s been a pleasure doing business.”  She winked at him again, and she almost would have swore she saw him blush.

He nodded with a grin that made his eyes crinkle, and then he was gone.


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