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Books I Read In December 2018 (With a #Giveaway!)

Last December I had this goal to blog a whole lot more in 2018. It’s no surprise, honestly, that I waited until December to make good on that, but for the coming year, I’ve actually got some plans on content to blog about.

Mostly because I’ve recently discovered the awesomeness that is #booktube, and I could literally waste away hours of my time watching videos about what other people are reading. Who knows, maybe I’ll start booktubing these things, too, at some point, but I know from experience how time consuming the editing part of making those videos tends to be, and that is quite a bit of valuable time I could spend with my butt in the writing chair, so for now, let’s start one step at a time.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for a Giveaway! (Closes at midnight on Jan 15, 2019.)

What I Read This Month:

(In no particular order…)

by Kristin Harmel


I picked up this book last month at the Austin airport on my way home from a work trip from my day job. The first chapter broke my heart, so I knew I had to read this. It was a great WWII romance, and I was pretty close to ugly-crying after I read the final chapter.

by Whitney G.


This book was the voted on Romance Book Club pick this month, and it was a good one. I really liked it. I thought the characters were very well-developed, and I very much like character-driven stories like I felt this one was.

by Lauren Blakely


What Lauren Blakely (LB) book am I not going to like? Let’s be real here. But this one was so good. It’s a fake relationship story that was just so delicious. It was nice that it didn’t go like most fake relationship stories go, where they’re worried about people finding out it’s a ploy and then people find out. I was happy that this went a different and unexpected way.

The Warrior: Men of the North Book 5

by Elin Peer


Truth, I’m not quite finished with this book yet, but very nearly, and it’s everything I could have expected and more. This series is so good, it’s ridiculous, and why more people don’t know about and aren’t talking about these books is beyond me. Each book follows a different couple and has a standalone story, so it’s possible to read them out of order, but if you read them in order, you kind of get a timeline in sequence that adds to the stories. In this book, we finally get an inside look at Magni, the greatest warrior in the world, and his wife Laura who just wants to be treated as his equal instead of a piece of his property. The chemistry between these two is so explosive. They are both native Northlanders, so they share certain cultural beliefs that the other couples haven’t shared in the other books so far in the series, but now that Laura has spent some time living in the Motherlands (to Magni’s dismay and resentment), she’s gained the courage to stand up for herself and demand to be treated with respect. Magni, being the most alpha of all alpha males, has a very hard time coming to terms with these changes, and both characters have to get past their comfort zones or they’ll both lose each other holding onto their pride.

by CD Reiss


This is one I haven’t finished yet, either, but also close. As it stands, I’d give this book 4 stars. It’s a slow burn, forbidden lovers romance between a Hollywood A-lister movie star and his surprise baby (5-year-old)’s new nanny. If you like your books on the longer side, you’ll probably like this one. It’s good, and the push-pull is very prominent in this book. There are a few parts that grossed me right out in this book, in multiple places that go into detail about bodily fluids and functions that people don’t talk about in polite company, if you know what I mean. Lol

by J.K. Rowling


Yes, I’m just now finally getting to read the Harry Potter books. I strangely read the last book, #7, before I read any of the others, right after I had gone to watch HP and the Half-Blood Prince when it first came out in theaters and I had to know if Dumbledore had really died. I mean, how could she kill off Dumbledore? (Sigh.) But then I’ve slowly been going back and reading the rest of the books starting from the beginning because the books always have more details than the movies. Everyone knows that. So this was Book 3, and of course, it did not disappoint.

Stay tuned because I’ve already got my January TBR list locked and loaded, and I’ll post about those here in a couple days. But first, what books did you read this month in December? Which ones would you recommend?


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