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A Few Chapters Left #Amwriting Second Thoughts

It’s the weekend once again, when I dedicate some time to writing in my latest book.  As of today, I only have a little over three chapters to go to finish Second Thoughts, the second book in the First Impressions series.  

I am pretty excited at how this book is turning out so far.  As a female, it was a little difficult for me to get into a male-mindset to be able to write this book from my character Dylan’s perspective.  Once I was able to channel Dylan, it started to just flow, and it was like Dylan’s personality started coming through on its own.

One of the overlying themes to this second book is that, there are two sides to every story.  In First Impressions, Zia tells the story as it happened from her own account.  In Second Thoughts, Dylan is telling the same story from his own account.  What does this mean?  It means there will be characters introduced that were not in Zia’s story.  It means there will be things going on when Zia isn’t around that we will now be privy to.  It means that some things will be brought to light that were not known in the first book.

How does Dylan really feel about Zia?  How involved was he in the whole process of Zia teaching him how to find the right girl?  What does Dylan do when Zia isn’t around?  Find out soon in Second Thoughts: A Novella!



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