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8 Best Books of 2018

With a caveat: these are the 8 best books I have personally read during 2018, and most of them are romance, but a couple of them will surprise you. This year, I have read some pretty amazing books. From my own book club, to a local book club I was thankfully invited to be a part of, to the Hello Sunshine Book Club, and books I’ve just stumbled across from pure luck… I hope you enjoy this list, and I hope you’ll read every single one of them.

Comment below if any of these surprised you, or if you’ve read them – what you thought of them, and let me know what your favorite books of 2018 have been.

The Kiss Quotient

by Helen Hoang

The fact that these were not only minority characters, but a main character on the Autism Spectrum was just very cool. Definitely one that has stuck with me.

The Protector

by Elin Peer

Pretty much the entire Men of the North Series by Elin Peer has been a binge-read for me. These are just so good. Futuristic and dichotomous on so many levels, it shows you two sides of a story with two very different and opposing perspectives and yet brings them together in the most delectable ways. It’s 400 years into the future, and sort of a post-apocalyptic premise, people had to rebuild the world, and women rule it… except for the area that used to be known as Canada, where men populate and rule. Imagine how different these segments of population live… in the Motherlands where women outnumber men 25 to one. But in the North, the Nmen outnumber women 1,000 to one. Get ready for steam and the most alpha of alpha men you are going to love getting your hands on. Seriously!

Rebel Heir

by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

This duet by Keeland and Ward was just too good to care that Book 1 ended on a big fat cliffie. Rush is such a drool-worthy bad-boy, and yet he’s got this soft spot for his mom and a penchant for sticking it to his rich, biological father and brother, using the shares in their family company to keep them from getting away with their evil antics. When the push and pull of the romance begins, best break out the fan.

Hunt Me

by Elodie Colt

This author is one of those who never puts out a bad book. I always get sucked into the stories, and this one was a doozy. Very taboo, very forbidden, a woman with a dark past gets kidnapped by a ruthless thug who isn’t all he seems to be, and he’s just what she never knew she needed to overcome her dark nightmares and the walls she’s built around her because of them. VERY good!!


by Lauren Blakely

You had to know a Lauren Blakely book (or two) would show up on this list, since I read pretty much everything she puts out. This book was so much… I think I could read it over and over. Especially the audiobook with Richard Armitage narrating the male POV. If you don’t know who that is, think Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit movies. YES! And you know LB is pretty much the queen of that theme of the characters both liking the other but thinking the other doesn’t return their feelings. SOOO good. Set in France, and the setting in this book was just as beautiful as the story.

Richer Than Sin

by Meghan March

This 3 book series is another bingeable read. Apparently, forbidden lovers is becoming a theme of books I like reading most, but this one was more of a Romeo and Juliet, Hatfields and McCoys, feuding families story with a sort of Cinderella theme – different worlds, different sides of the tracks. The Riskoffs and the Gables – their families will never let them be together. Too much history keeps them apart, and it’s so freaking good. So good.

The Alice Network

by Kate Quinn

This book was one of the picks from the Reese Witherspoon Hello Sunshine Book Club. It alternates between the WWII era of the 1940s and the present day. It’s not actually a romance, though there is a secondary romantic plot line that’s quite enjoyable. But the biggest reason I love this book is because of the strong female characters. Women were not thought of as smart or capable back in the 40s, but that didn’t stop the women of The Alice Network from going undercover as spies to bring down the Germans.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

by Fredrik Backman

My goodness, this was a ridiculously fantastic book. There was really not even any romance to speak of, but if you like fantasy books, you’ll probably love this book, despite the fact it’s a sort of contemporary book set in the real world. It’s so inventive and deep, taking the residents of an apartment building and turning them into characters only the imagination one lonely but smart beyond her years little girl and her insanely wise, inventive, and feisty grandmother could muster. I literally cried, and I’m fighting back tears now thinking about how awesome this book is. Seriously, it looks weird, but try it. TRY IT! I saved the best for last.

That’s all for now. You can see my complete reading list for 2018 here on GoodReads, and most of the books I read were really good, but these were the ones that really stuck out for me this year.

I’d love to hear what you think! Please comment below with your thoughts. 🙂

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