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10 Reasons to Snag New Books In the #BlackFriday thru #CyberMonday #BigBookSale

Attention Shoppers…

At midnight  (PST) on November 25, 2016, the Big Book Sale goes live, and will last until midnight following Monday, November 28, 2016.

So with all the shopping going on for electronics, toys, clothes, and such, you might be asking, Why do I want to buy books right now?

Well, I’ll tell you!  Here are TEN reasons to hop on over to the Big Book Sale and find some free and discounted books this Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. To find books to add to those new Kindle Fires you are gifting this season.

An excuse to stay in and relax this weekend, curled up with some good books.

Because science has proven that reading improves the memory and overall brain functioning.

Because reading reduces stress by taking your mind off of the everyday craziness of life. (We could all use more of that!)

Because reading can help you fall asleep easier.  Goodbye, insomnia!

To do something nice for yourself.

 To set a good example for your children. (You want them to become bookworms and be really smart and to read for fun someday, too  right?)

Because you’re tired of those magazines in the bathroom you’ve already read six thousand times.

Because you don’t have to stand in any crowded lines or fight over that last discounted item sitting lonely on the shelf that eight other people are eye-balling beside you.

Because at $1.99 or less (many even Free!), these are probably the lowest sale prices you’re going to find this Black Friday through Cyber Monday ! 🙂

Where Is This Big Book Sale I speak of, you ask?

You can find it at:

Happy reading, and Happy Holidays, everyone !



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