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Holiday Fling

"A lovely holiday indulgence."
"An entertaining, heartwarming, must-read holiday romance."

Millie is headed to the Big Apple for the holidays, her best friend Goldie in tow, for Millie's top PR client and the events they have leading up to a new memoir for the bratty heiress, Brinne Wren, just hitting shelves. It's finally the chance Millie has waited for to move up in her career, that is, if she can keep the young, overly dramatic Brinne in check despite her established penchant for trouble. 
Hung up on a less-than-interested guy back home, Millie is mostly annoyed by the handsome and flirtatious Irish investor who keeps turning up in all the right places. She's not easily fooled by a sense of humor with a sexy accent, even if he has the looks to top it off. Especially not when it starts looking like Seamus Gallagher might have his own motives to sabotage Brinne Wren, and Millie's career in the process. 
There must be a little good old fashioned Christmas Magic in the air, though, when Millie's attempt to cheer up a heartbroken Goldie turns into an "I will if you will" situation, and they both find themselves giving it that good old college try.
If Millie isn't careful, though, she just might find Seamus turning up in other unwanted places. Maybe even her heart.


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Holiday Fling Sample - Tracy Marks
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